Anonymous whispered, "In case you doubt it, forced meme is still being forced. I'm an English major but this shit is unfunny"

Thanks for always keeping us updated, anon. We appreciate it. :)

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youknowwhosthere whispered, "gosh, now I'm really confused because I'm majoring in English here in Brazil and one of my professors (in Written Language - English III) said it's good to cite your previous work as long as you put the source because if you don't then it's considered plagiarism (we were just studying this last week)... What do I do wjat do I do? xD"

I think, like the person who sent that message said, that your best bet is to check with your professors, just to be safe! :)


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posted 1 year ago
mrspentaghast whispered, "I know this is way late, but on the submission about citing your own paper in another class, I really want people to know to make sure to ask your instructor before you do this. At most universities, this is considered academic misconduct and you can get slammed with plagiarism for doing it. As a college instructor, I think it is really important that students know NOT to cite yourself and/or turn in the same work without prior permission - you can get into serious trouble with the university."

Oh, wow thanks! This is great to know!


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walllmakers whispered, "general question: do you get many complaints about grammar elitism? i mean, do you think there's anything inherently wrong and classist about correcting/complaining about grammar in the first place? because this comes up a lot in my life and i was wondering what your English Major thoughts on it were"

When this blog was a bit more active (and I’m very sorry that it hasn’t been! Keep submitting, folks!) we used to get nearly CONSTANT complaints about terrible we were for posting supposedly elitist/discriminatory jokes. 

While I think that it’s definitely an interesting discussion without a real answer, in the context of having a good laugh, it’s totally acceptable. I just ignore any hate we get at this point and delete the messages as soon as I get them rather than clog up the blog responding to each one.

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We are English majors. This is our meme.