thelaughingwillow whispered, "I honestly think if the YOLO meme is offending people, it should be taken down. I know it wasn't intended to, but even being white, I remember thinking it was pretty borderline when I read it, and apparently PoC don't think it's borderline at all. Basically, since "YOLO" is a phrase that grew out of the rap/hip hop movement, which is primarily made up of PoCs, saying it's for 'dumb people' is just offensive. If PoCs are being offended, it's offensive. Period."

I’m honestly considering taking it down….mostly because I’m sick of the messages. Over 100 of them at this point! O_O And most of them are saying they don’t think it’s racist….but STILL…please give it a rest, Armadillos.


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posted 2 years ago

We are English majors. This is our meme.