T-Shirts, Confessions, Tips, and More… 

Hi everyone!

So, it has been a while since I last posted any sort of announcement on this blog. In fact, there haven’t been many posts at all on this blog lately. Submissions have been sorely lacking! 

In this post I’d like to address a couple of topics related to the running of this blog (besides asking you to submit more awesome memes, of course).

First, to those who have been asking, there is not template for the English Major Confessions. Just send them in as an ask and I will put them into an image and queue them up! The same sort of rules apply to confessions that have applied to memes, of course. Be respectful, do not attack each other. :)

Second, I’m also taking submissions (in the same format as the confessions) for English Major Tips! These can be lighthearted or serious. Any kind of tip that you have for your fellow Armadillos to make their lives easier or more enjoyable! 

Finally, I’m still serious about doing some kind of tshirts with this blog. Please tell me what you’d like to see! Memes on shirts? Buttons? Magnets? I’m planning on doing it through Zazzle, so there are a lot of options. It’s up to YOU to let me know what you want to see! 

Thanks so much for continuing to follow this blog everyone! 


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posted 2 years ago

Just another quick note…

Some of you may already have noticed that there is now an ad bar at the top of the FYEMA page. I know it doesn’t look very pretty….but since the blog gets over 1,000 hits per day I thought it may be worth trying out. If anyone really hates it just let me know and I’ll take it down. :)


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We are English majors. This is our meme.